Why Raise the Phoenix?

As the daughter of the designer, builder, first owner and “skipper” of the Phoenix and as first cabin girl (1954-64), here are my reasons for raising and preserving the yacht Phoenix. Apart from being part of my own personal history, my home from the age of 10 until I went off to college, the Phoenix is a part of American and world history. … More Why Raise the Phoenix?

Phoenix of Hiroshima: Current Donation Level

Updated 4 September, 2017

So far you have helped us raise $26,183.42 of the total $87,000 needed to raise this brave wooden boat. A special thanks to Ron Esparza for our most recent donation!

We are 30.08% of the way to raising the Phoenix from the depths of the Mokelumne River!

All donations to The Phoenix of Hiroshima Project, Inc. are tax-deductible. . . … More Phoenix of Hiroshima: Current Donation Level