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Reynolds Renshaw, Jessica. The Reynolds Family, the Nuclear Age and a Brave Wooden Boat


The “Brave Wooden Boat”—Phoenix of Hiroshima—is the hero of this story from the laying of her keel in 1952 to her sinking in a tributary of the Sacramento River in 2010.  Woven into the story of the Phoenix is, of course, the story of her forerunner and inspiration, Golden Rule.

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Reynolds, Earle and Barbara. ALL IN THE SAME BOAT

Same Boat 001

The story of how a man’s dream–to build a boat and sail around the world–becomes a reality for Dr. Earle Reynolds and his family, 1954-60.

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I (Jessica Renshaw) personally believe the four-man crew of the Golden Rule, the “mother ship” of protest yachts, should be the four faces on Mt. Rushmore! Bigelow, Huntington, Willoughby, and Sherwood were American statesmen on the level of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Patrick Henry–except that the analogy breaks down, at least in number, when Jim Peck joins the crew! Great, thought-provoking read about the boat which was–and still is, by preceding us in being restored–the inspiration for the Phoenix!


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Boardman, Elizabeth Jelinek. THE PHOENIX TRIP: Notes on a Quaker Mission to Haiphong 

The Phoenix Trip 001

Phoenix crew member’s account of one of three humanitarian missions to Vietnam (both North and South) during the Vietnam War, 1967-68, carrying tons of medical supplies to the Red Cross for victims of American bombing.

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Cabin Boy 001

Fictionalized children’s version of Phoenix voyage from Japan to Hawaii.

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Barbara’s spiritual journey.


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Reynolds, Earle. The Forbidden Voyage

Forbiden Voyage 001

The Reynolds family, with First Mate Nick Mikami, sail the Phoenix of Hiroshima into the Pacific Proving Grounds to protest nuclear testing, 1958.






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Reynolds, Jessica. Jessica’s Journal

Jessica's Journal 001

Eleven-year old Jessica’s perspective on her family’s pleasure cruise on the yacht Phoenix from Hawaii to New Zealand.

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Reynolds Renshaw, Jessica. MUM:  THE CONSCIENCE, COURAGE AND COMPASSION OF BARBARA REYNOLDS, June 12, 1915-February 11, 1990

Mum ColorFinalAgain

Barbara Reynolds is best known for her 18 years in Hiroshima befriending and being an advocate for survivors of the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For her humanitarian efforts on their behalf and for founding the World Friendship Center in 1965, the mayor of Hiroshima gave her the key to the city and made her an honorary citizen. Barbara dined with the Prime Minister of Japan and was declared a “National Living Treasure.” Posthumously (2011) a monument was erected to her in Hiroshima’s Peace Park, their Ground Zero.

This look at both Barbara’s public and private lives was written, with admiration and candor, by her daughter Jessica.

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Reynolds Renshaw, Jessica. TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE: An American Family Challenges Nuclear Testing

To Russia 001

An account by 17-year old Jessica of the rough voyage her family and friend Tom Yoneda made to the USSR during the Cold War to protest Soviet nuclear testing, 1961. (Published in English 2010)

(Published in Japanese as Jeshika no Nikki, Chas. E. Tuttle Co., Tokyo 1962)




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Also available through Peace Resource Center, Wilmington College, Wilmington, OH 45177



Chapters of books about Barbara Reynolds:

Rachelle Linner, “The Symbolic American: Barbara Reynolds” in City of Silence: Listening to Hiroshima, Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books, 1995

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Sam Totten and Martha Wescoat Totten. “Barbara Reynolds” in Facing the Danger: Interviews with 20 Anti-Nuclear Activists.

Facing the Danger: Interviews with 20 Anti-Nuclear Activists

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Beth Parrish, “Barbara Reynolds/Friend of the Hibakusha” in Marnie Clark (editor), Lives That Speak: Stories of 20th Century Quakers. Quaker Press of Friends General Conference, 2004 (no image available)



(日本語の本: 原田先生 「ヒロシマの外科医の回想」1977

「ヒロシマの歴程」 1982 Hiroshima Surgeon」 1982

「平和の夢を追いつづけて」1984 「ヒロシマのバラ」 1989

「ひろしまからの発信」 1993 「平和の瞬間」―二人のひろしまびと 1994 

「命見つめて六十年」1996 Moments Of Peace」1998


 Kotani Mizuhoko, 「ヒロシマ巡礼 バーバラ・レイノルズの生涯」

Harada, Dr. Tomin. Hiroshima ni Ikite, 1999 (no image available)

Kotani, Mizuhoko. Hiroshima Pilgrimage: The Life of Barbara Reynolds, Chikuma Shobou Publishers, 1995, World Friendship Center,  Hiroshima 2014 (no image available)



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