Peace yachts PHOENIX and GOLDEN RULE together after 59 years (video)

Dear Friends of the Phoenix,

One above water, one under water, two brave wooden boats who shared a common history–and we hope share a common destiny–were together again for a few hours after 59 years.

In a touching “sailover,” the crew of the 30-foot yacht Golden Rule made their way up the Mokelumne River into the heart of northern California to 38 10′ 49″ N 121 31′ 40″ W Saturday morning, July 8. They drifted with the current above the site where the 50-foot Phoenix of Hiroshima is resting, scattering rose petals.

The crew expressed their hopes that she too will rise again and be restored to sail with them for a nuclear-free world.

The sister yachts, famous as a relay team to protest nuclear testing in the Pacific Proving Grounds during the Cold War (1958) and, in the case of the Phoenix, sailing to the USSR to protest Soviet nuclear testing (1961)–plus her humanitarian voyages during the Vietnam War–were together again for the first time since 1958.

Both historic wooden boats were found in 2010, only 225 miles apart in northern California, both in the same condition: without masts, stove in, under water and abandoned. Veterans for Peace spent 5 years completely renovating Golden Rule. She was re-launched into Humboldt Bay, California in June, 2015.

As they travel, the GR crew educate people about cancers and other health problems on all living things, including those in succeeding generations, caused by nuclear testing and nuclear reactors. They are greatly encouraged by the recent ban of nuclear weapons by the United Nations.

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See also The Reynolds Family, the Nuclear Age and a Brave Wooden Boat is available thorough


Jessica Renshaw,

First cabin girl of Phoenix of Hiroshima, 1954-64

Secretary, Phoenix of Hiroshima Project, Inc.

P.S. Here is the Golden Rule’s current schedule, with goals and contact info below:

Half Moon Bay                        Wed 7/19 – Sat 7/22
Santa Cruz                             Sun 7/23 – Wed 7/26
Monterey                               Wed 7/26 – Sat 7/29
Morro Bay                              Sun 7/30 – Wed 8/02
Santa Barbara                        Thu 8/03 – Sun 8/06
Ventura/Oxnard                      Mon 8/07 – Thu 8/10
Marina del Rey                       Thu 8/10 – Sun 8/13
Long Beach                           Mon 8/14 – Thu 8/17
Newport                                Thu 8/17 – Sat 8/19
Dana Point                            Sat 8/19 – Mon 8/21
San Diego                             Arrive Tue 8/22

Pirate Peace Camp (Dates TBD)

Tijuana  (TBD)
Other Mexican ports  (TBD)