Our History

Earle Reynolds at the first stage of the building of his yacht Phoenix in Miyajimaguchi, on the shore of the Inland Sea of Japan.


The Phoenix of Hiroshima is a 50-foot, 30-ton yacht designed by Dr. Earle Reynolds, an anthropologist sent to Hiroshima in 1951 by the Atomic Energy Commission to study the effects of the atomic bomb on the children who survived the first atomic bomb.


He had the ship built during his family’s three years there and it was launched on May 5, 1954.

The Phoenix took the Reynolds family around the world between 1954 and 1958 and was later involved in several famous protest voyages.

Jessica and ship’s cat Mi-ke approaching Tahiti, 1955.

Between its launch in 1954 and its sinking in 2010, the Phoenix carried a family around the world, was used to make protest voyages against nuclear weapons, was declared a Japanese national shrine, and ended up offered free on Craigslist, gutted and stripped of masts, phoenix figurehead and every identifying mark but the words “Phoenix of Hiroshima.”