2010–Now: On the River Bottom

Sunrise Mokelumne 1
Sunrise, north fork of the Mokelumne River, California Delta. The Phoenix rests 25 feet underwater at 38 degrees, 10′ 49″ N, 121 degrees 31′ 40″ W

After a separation of more than fifty years, in 2010, the Golden Rule and Phoenix were in the news together again. Within a few months and miles of each other, both yachts were found on the northern coast of California, both abandoned, beached, and stove in. The Phoenix was offered on Craigslist, “FREE: 50-foot yacht.” A recovering drug addict with big dreams took over ownership to restore her. But as he had her towed up the Sacramento River she hit a dock and started to take on water. Despite all his efforts, she sank in the  Mokelumne tributary, where she remains to this day.

Meanwhile, Veterans for Peace led a 5-year restoration of the Golden Rule. In June, 2015 she was re-launched into Humboldt Bay (Eureka, California) and has resumed her role in educating and bringing about a nuclear-free world. Learn more here.

Phoenix sonogram 2016
Sonogram of Phoenix, lying on starboard side, looking like a gash in someone’s abdomen.

Our mission is to raise the Phoenix from the river bottom and restore her, also. If you are just curious about this project and want to be kept in the loop or if you foresee having a possible role as investor or hands-on worker in the actual renovation, please contact us on this website. To follow along with the Phoenix’s progress, subscribe to our mailing list at PhoenixofHiroshima@gmail.com.

May the Phoenix rise again!