Passing of Peace Pilgrim and Hiroshima survivor Miyoko Matsubara


(In memory of Miyoko Matsubara 1932-2018)

She made herself small
to make room for her message.
She spoke very softly
so we all could hear it.
She bowed herself deeply
not to get in its way.
She suffered that same pain,
the wounds and the terror,
the loss and the heartache,
over and over and
over and over
so we wouldn’t have to.
She never showed pride,
she was made of humility,
so I gift her my own pride
which she deserves more
and to honor Miyoko
I bow to the floor.

Sleep gently, dear lady; be at peace.

                                             –Ted Reynolds

The Chugoku Newspaper reported the obituary of Miyoko Matsubara san, our fellow board member of World Friendship Center, Hiroshima.  She passed away on February 10 at the age of 85.

Miyoko Matsubara and Hiromasa Hanabusa took part in the Peace Pilgrimage Barbara Reynolds conducted in 1962, and told her A-bomb experiences in fourteen countries.  She participated in the second Peace Pilgrimage in 1964, too.  She joined in the Peace Caravan in 1982, displaying A-bomb pictures painted by Hiroshima citizens, and appealed for abolishment of nuclear weapons in 29 cities in the U.S.

She had a strong conviction that on behalf of A-bomb victims, survivors must tell what happened in Hiroshima.  She did her best in fulfilling her commitments to the last day.  We would like to pray sincerely for the repose of her soul. (By Michiko Yamane, Chair, Board of World Friendship Center, Hiroshima)

(Photo of Peace Pilgrims Miyoko Matsubara and Hiro Hanabusa, 2011)